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Greeting from the President


Rakuno Gakuen University’s mission is to train students to become leaders in their communities by developing character based on the concept of tri-love, which is rooted in Christianity, and an educational philosophy of practical education founded on the idea that a healthy earth ensures human health and by mastering advanced learning and technologies. The University, which has been supported by people who embrace and are inspired by this approach, was founded based on the noble goal of “raising the nation from the depths of poverty,” and it has endured to the present day by embracing the strong resolution of its creators as its founding philosophy.

The essence of the University-wide reorganization that was carried out in 2011 lies in ensuring its ability to offer an education based on the institution’s unique approach to practical education and in raising faculty and staff members’ awareness. The fact that today the University’s enrollment has reached capacity and its entrance examination process has become competitive even though close to half of the other private institutions in the country having difficulty attracting enough students is a testament to the high regard in which society at large holds this reorganization. At the same time, the awareness-raising portion of the project (contributing to the University’s operations; improving the quality of their teaching, research, and social activities; and raising their awareness) remains a work in progress, and we are approaching the point at which we can afford no further delays in its completion. To avoid those delays, my personal mission is to encourage a more voluntary raising of awareness on the part of faculty and staff members in keeping with the University’s founding philosophy and to inspire them to come together so that we can build an institution that can continue to consistently graduate students who carry on the concept of tri-love in a way that meets the needs of our era and pass that institution on to the next generation.

Faculty and staff members must be aware that each and every student is a diamond in the rough. They must have strong awareness that they comprise a community of learning that is dedicated to educating the students who come to the University. And they must polish those “diamonds in the rough” by offering an education that will bring out students’ promise after they graduate. To accomplish these things, faculty members must deliver sufficient research results, and staff members, like faculty members, must carry out their responsibilities in the daily awareness that they are directly and indirectly involved in students’ education. In this way, we will offer students a distinctive education while striving to better earn the trust of society and contribute to the development of Japan and peace in the world.

President : Kazushige Takehana

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