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Spirit of Foundation and Educational Objectives

Through a human educational approach deeply rooted in the Christian concept of “tri-love” for God, people and the earth, we are striving to nurture individuals with sound judgment, wholesome character and a global outlook. Through practical education based on the philosophy that, “a healthy earth ensures human health,” we are working to nurture creative and practical professionals who have a solid understanding of what agriculture and farmers should be.
Through research and coursework on agriculture, food science, economics, veterinary medicine, food distribution and environmental symbiosis – all with a focus on dairy science – we are striving to gain insights on and develop environmental conservation in the context of the field of agriculture and the food situation in Japan.


The following is a diagram of the concept of “sustainable agriculture,” drawn up by Torizo Kurosawa, founder of our institute, some 70 years ago. Advocating the treatment of the land and the environment with respect. Kurosawa asserted that while underground resources limited, the soil is not subject to a predetermined lifespan-instead it serves a boundless resource once its vitality has been properly cultivated. He further stated that “the art of agriculture is a sacred act of collaboration between heaven, earth, and humanity for the production of life-sustaining food. “Having stood the test of time, this approach and philosophy are even more relevant and appealing today.

* This diagram is printed with permission from the author.

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