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The Number of Students

RAKUNO GAKUEN UNIVERSITY Number of Students (2016.5.1)

Faculty and Department Opening year Students Graduates
Faculty of Dairy Science Department of Dairy Science 1960 2  
Department of Food Science 1988 1
School of Veterinary Medicine Department of Veterinary 1996 12
Faculty of Environment Systems
Department of Biosphere and Environmental Sciences 2005 2
Department of Environmental Management 2005 1
College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Sciences Department of Sustainable Agriculture 2011 1125  
Department of Food Science and Human Wellness
(except for National Registered Dietitian Course)
2011 744  
Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science 2011 583  
School of Veterinary Medicine Department of Veterinary Medicine 2011 836  
Department of Veterinary Science 2011 239  
Total 3,545 28,685
belong to the Dairy undergraduate from 1964 to 1995 for the Department of Veterinary.
Graduate School Course Name Opening year Students Graduates
Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
(Doctoral Course)
1981 32  
Veterinary Science
(Master’s Course)
2015 8
Graduate School of Dairy Science Food Production and Utility Development (Doctoral Course) 1991 9
Food and Nutrition Science
(Doctoral Course)
2003 5
Dairy Science
(Master’s Course)
1981 38
Food Systems
(Master’s Course)
1995 2
Food and Nutrition Science
(Master’s Course)
2003 6
Total 100 ※1,559
※ Includes graduates (Master’s Course) of School of Veterinary Medicine due to the six-year education of Veterinary Medicine.

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