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Department of Sustainable Agriculture

Towards balanced and sustainable agriculture with material circulation

Under the theme of “sustainability, health and symbiosis,” the Department of Sustainable Agriculture helps students to learn the close relationship between agricultural/livestock production (which sustains human life) and the environment as typified by land and water, and to explore lasting and balanced sustainable agricultural science rather than conventional dairy science and agricultural science, which change with time. In basic education and specialty basic education, students acquire extensive scientific knowledge on agriculture, and further their education to correctly understand the significance of agriculture in society. In specialized education, students are divided into the four courses of Dairy Science, Meat Production, Agriculture and Agricultural Economics to obtain expert knowledge and skills. Through practical education incorporating many experiments and practical training based on the university’s philosophy, this department trains students to become professionals who have extensive knowledge and skills and contribute to the sable supply of safe food.

Leading to careers in:

  • Agribusiness
  • Farm Management
  • Food Industry
  • Education and Government
  • Animal Feed and Nursery Industries
  • Food Processing and Distribution Industries
  • Agricultural Machinery Industry
  • Agricultural Cooperatives

Dairy Science Course

Study in the field of dairy cattle breeding, herd management, animal nutrition, and Farm management.

Meat Production Course

Study in the field of meat animal breeding, management, nutrition, fattening and management.

Agriculture Course

Study in the field of sustainable agriculture related to rice, crop and vegetable production crops, rice farming and horticulture.

Agricultural Economics Course

Study in the fields of agricultural policies, economics, marketing and agricultural management related to local business and food production.

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