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Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science

Creating an environmentally friendly society

The Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science helps students to acquire knowledge and skills to scientifically diagnose environmental problems and prescribe solutions for these problems. In basic education and specialty basic education, students further their education in natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, geoscience, ecology and environmental science, to understand the nature of harmony between the biosphere and the natural environment surrounding it and scientifically analyze how the harmony is damaged by human civilization. In specialized education, students are divided into the Wildlife Conservation Course and the Biosphere and Environmental Sciences Course to learn about field surveying and intelligence analysis using geographical information system (GIS) and ascertain what they can do for living organisms in the biosphere to ensure harmonious coexistence with the natural environment. Through practical education incorporating many experiments and practical training based on the university’s philosophy, this department trains students to become professionals who can contribute to the formation of a society that coexists with the environment.

Fields of careers in:

  • Environmental Research Institutes
  • Media and Infomation Technology
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Government
  • Teacher
  • Construction Industry
  • Retailing Industry
  • Zoos

Wildlife Conservation Course

Study of wildlife conservation through field studies in Hokkaido.

Biosphere and Environmental Sciences Course

Study in the field of natural resource management through theoretical and practical sciences of biosphere and the energy balance.

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