Rakuno Gakuen University : Agriculture,Food,Life and in five departments and eleven courses.

Department of Food Science and Human Wellness

Establish a strong base in food science and nutrition

The Department of Food Science and Human Wellness, which consists of the Functional Food Course, the Food Development Course, the Food Logistics Course and the National Registered Dietitian Course, aims to nurture professionals with expertise on the function, development, production and distribution of food as well as national registered dietitians. In all courses, students take rudimentary subjects in basic education and specialty basic education before deepening their knowledge in specialized education. In order to provide practical education based on the university’s educational philosophy, a curriculum incorporating many experiments and practical training is developed, and this curriculum helps students to become professionals with the ability to make comprehensive judgments by acquiring extensive knowledge on health and the production, processing, manufacturing and distribution of food. In farm training for freshmen, students experience crop and livestock farming by growing crops in fields and having contact with domestic animals. This experience allows students to learn about the earth (the origin of food), food and health, and is made possible by the location and environment of our university.

Fields of careers in:

  • Food Industry
  • Transportation Company
  • Government
  • Education
  • Food Processing and Distribution Industries
  • National Registered Dietitian
  • Wholesale and Retail Company

Functional Food Courese

Establish a founation in biological functions of food components and development of functional foods.

Food Development Course

Establish a foudation in food processing and Research and Development of foods.

Food Logistics Course

Establish a foundation in food lofistics for wholesome foods.

National Registered Dietitian Course

Fostering leading dietitian having comprehensive and cutting edge knowledge of nutrition.

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