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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Training veterinarians from the clinical level to advanced research.

The university’s education for veterinary medicine began in 1964 with the aim of fostering clinical veterinarians who engage in medical care for food-producing animals. Since then, the university, with faculty members who are specialized in veterinary medicine, dairy farming and environmentology, has effectively used educational resources such as food-producing animals raised on the vast campus to help students become practical veterinarians who support livestock farmers by learning leading-edge science studies regarding food-producing animals. In recent years, a new educational approach for veterinary medicine has been required with a growing need for veterinarians capable of responding to various new developments, such as a rise in the awareness of food safety, zoonotic infections such as new strains of influenza, advanced medical care for companion animals and rapid progress in bioscience. The Department of Veterinary Medicine makes the most of its accumulated knowledge and facilities regarding medical care for food-producing animals to train students to become practical veterinarians for food-producing animals, companion animals and public health protection by acquiring sophistication and skills in veterinary medicine and other related fields and developing an ability to solve imminent problems. It also produces specialists capable of promoting cutting-edge research on veterinary medicine, food safety and animal welfare in Japan as well as bioscience.

Fields to careers in:

Animal hospital for farm animals and companion animals.
Animal Hygiene in Agricultural Cooperatives.
Veterinarian in Government, Pharmaceutical Co.,Food Industry, Livestock Business and Animal Feed Business.

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