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Department of Veterinary Science

High level veterinary support as an animal nursing specialist.

The Department of Veterinary Science trains students to become professionals capable of assuming a broad range of work in animal health nursing by acquiring basic knowledge on veterinary medicine and specialized knowledge on animal nursing through unified school programs. It also provides a high level of education on animal nutrition, animal behavior and animal physical therapy to produce specialists in these fields. It is expected that specialists in animal nutrition will develop feedstuff in feed companies and work as nutrition counselors in veterinary hospitals, and that specialists in animal behavior will work in fields related to animal training, treatment for animals with problematic behavior and providing socially important animals such as guide dogs and animals as therapy assistants. For specialists in animal physical therapy, a high level of demand is expected in the future with advancing veterinary care and the aging of animals. They are likely to work in the fields of postoperative rehabilitation and nursing rehabilitation for aged dogs.

Fields to careers in:

Veterinary Technicians in Animal hospital, Government, Zoos, Food Distribution Industry,
Livestock Business, Animal Feed Business and Educational INstitutions.

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